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slide plate sorting checkweigher

slide plate sorting checkweigher


    the slide plate sorting checkweigher adopts the patent of setaq slide plate weighing and rotary drum grading. firstly,  it used the slide plate to weigh precious medicinal materials, high-accuracy packaging materials, local products, fruits and vegetables, poultry meat, gemstones, etc., and then the products are sorted according to the weight. the products of different grades enter different receiving cylinders, and the products of different grades correspond to different prices or uses. the grading accuracy reaches 0.01g, and the two channels are used simultaneously. it's very convenient to clean.

    the weight grading products of slide plate grading checkweigher are as follows: 

* rare medicinal materials: cordyceps kinesis, sanqi, american ginseng, maca, angelica, gastrodia elata, polygonatum, siraitia grosvenorii, etc.

* poultry: white striped chicken, chicken leg, chicken breast, etc

* local products, fruits and vegetables: bamboo shoots, asparagus, corn, carrots, etc

* gemstones: synthetic diamonds, other gemstones, etc

* physical molding products: optical lens blank, injection molding parts, die casting parts


    the slide plate sorting checkweigher includes two weighing and sorting channels. each channel independently weighs cordyceps kinesis, chicken breast and other products with high accuracy and these products are sorted into multiple grades, and the standard weight grading speed of each channel is 60 pieces / min. the grading accuracy of products within 2g can reach 0.01g, that of products with 2-20g can reach 0.05g, and that of products with 20-200g can reach 0.2g.


    the conventional slide plate sorting checkweigher includes: a set of two channel belt feeder, two sets of slide plate patented weighing device, two weight grading rollers with setaq patent; each grading roller can rotate at high speed corresponding to the receiving barrel at different angles, and each receiving barrel receives products in the same weight range.

    the higher the weighing accuracy of the slide plate sorting checkweigher is, the lower the probability that the products near the edge of the set weight grade value will be sorted into the weight range of the adjacent grade. in other words, the higher the probability that the weight of all products in the same receiving cylinder will be in the weight range of this grade. such a high-accuracy weight grading can ensure that the products in each grade meets the marked weight standard, prevent overweight products from entering this grade, and save costs legally, and also we will not receive complaints due to underweight products.