automatic multi-ag尊龙凯时

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automatic multi-lane weighing system

automatic multi-lane weighing system

automatic multi-lane weighing system


    automatic multi-lane weighing system is also called multi-channel checkweigher.

    setaq automatic weighing system, including a control cabinet and multiple parallel belt weighing units, connects the conveyor belts of multiple packaging machines, and simultaneously checkweighs packaging bags, with a maximum speed of 60 cuts/min and highest accuracy of 0.01g. it is used in the pharmaceutical or food industry. 


    the automatic weighing system consists of a control cabinet and several parallel belt checkweighing units, which are connected with several single-lane packaging machines. the products of several packaging machines are gathered on a moving belt. the products of each packaging machine have their own independent area on the total belt, which can weigh and sort multiple lanes of packaging bags or soft bags with high accuracy at the same time. equipped with patented setaq flap plate or barrel turning device, it can realize multi-lane checkweighing and rejecting. 


        used to checkweigh the multi-lane bags or cartons or bottles with highest accuracy of  0.01g at 60 cuts/min.