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b5 seires checkweigher

b5 seires checkweigher

b5 seires checkweigher


    setaq b5 checkweigher can check the weight of packing boxes, vertical packing bags under 30g with high accuracy. the checkweiher inspects whether the weight of products is qualified or parts missing, directly rejects the unqualified products in the production line. this can avoid economic and administrative punishment for unqualified weight or unqualified content and quantity in future quality spot checks.

    setaq b5 checkweigher is suitable for the low-speed automatic packing and bagging production line of medicine, food, beverage and other industrial products, agricultural products and other fields, especially for large cartons, vertical plastic bags, nylon bags, woven bags, or other special-shaped industrial products.


structure features:

     the checkweigher is composed of a relatively wide and long feeding belt, a weighing belt with big platform and a roller rejection mechanism which includes a buffer roller in the same direction as the weighing belt and a rejecting roller in the vertical direction of the weighing belt. the air cylinder with big travel or pusher is used to reject unqualified cartons or vertical packaging bags from the buffer roller to the rejecting roller.

    the checkweigher reaches the accuracy of 2g at 60 cartons / min. 


main parameters:

model no. scw/b500205
weighing range 200-30000g
capacity 50pcs/min
highest accuracy(±3σ) ±2g
resolution 1g
belt speed 10-60m/min
weighing belt dimension length 800mm
width 600mm
product dimension length ≤600mm
width ≤500mm
total length of checkweigher 800mm
preset product numbers 100
height 750±50mm
power source 220vac
air source 1.0mlpa,150nl/min
checkweighing type horizontal checkweighing
suitable products large carton

function features:

    ★ 10 inch industrial touch panel with english interface

    ★ the whole machine is made of stainless steel.

    ★ adopts swiss habasit weighing belt and rejection belt.

    ★ load cells are made in germany.

    ★ gates synchronous belt made in usa.

    ★ famous brand electrical switch 

    ★ the histogram shows the statistical distribution of checkweighing results.

    ★ the curve shows the time distribution of checkweighing results.

    ★ the window displays the checkweighing results, standard deviation and mean value of the last 20 packages.

    ★ several statistic methods: batch statistics, qualified statistics, total statistics

    ★ can preset 100 produts parameters

    ★ setaq high accuracy digital filtering algorithm.

    ★ dynamic zero tracking, including zero tracking when the device is running

    ★ can store 25000 items of checkweighing results. u disk storage.