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capsule checkweigher

capsule checkweigher

capsule checkweigher


    setaq capsule checkweigher is used to check the capsule filling quantity of all capsules produced by the capsule filling machine one by one without damage, and automatically reject the unqualified ones, so as to avoid the unqualified products of the whole batch being regarded as inferior medicine due to big filling difference in the futrue spot test.

    setaq capsule checkweigher, composed of n*6 channels, adopts setaq patented slide weighing to checkweigh various capsules including empty capsules with no need to change the moulds.

main parameters:

        weighing range: 10-2000mg; highest checkweighing speed: 7200capsules/min; typical accuracy: 2mg; highest accuracy: 0.5mg, resolution: 0.1mg

structure features:

  1.  adopts setaq capsule slide checkweighing patent. no need to change the mould to check capsules of size #000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, as well as  extended capsules one by one.

  2. adopts patented setaq detachable slide plate weighing unit. the weighing chute can be disassembled and cleaned without tools, which is very convenient and can ensure the safety of the load cells. one chute can be disassembled within 10 seconds. 

  3. adopts setaq patented slide weighing frame. the capsule checkweighing speed can be adjusted by setting the vibratory feeding speed or adjusting the inclination angle of the weighing platform. users can make a trade-off between speed and accuracy, that is, choose the high accuracy(exceeds the typical accuracy) but with low speed or vice versa.

  4. uses vibratory corrugated plate feeding, so the capsule feeding speed of one chute can reach 180 capsules/min.

  5. all channels have open structure without any closed space, wich is easy to clean the surface contacting with medicines and detect whether they are clean or not with naked eyes. this type of structure can avoide cross contamination between different medicines when multiple capsules share the same capsule checkweigher. therefore, it is especially suitable for checking and controlling the filling difference when multiple capsules share the same capsule checkweigher. open structure can also avoid beat dislocation, channel blocking of capsule moving mechanism caused by the deformed capsules, even the situation that unqualified capsules mixed into the qualified ones.

  6. the capsule will not be damaged or seriously worn in the process of vibration feeding, checkweighing and rejection (optional). 

  7. all channels are made of 316l stainless steel or coated with teflon, without any other material that may contaminate the capsule.


function features:

1. calibration of 6 channels can be done within 1 minute.

2.  when the accuracy is 2.0mg, the maximum speed of checkweighing of each channel is the 150 capsules / min.

3.  unqualified capsules overflow alarm.

4.  all channels in the same interface are displayed with histogram and numerical value at the same time, or a certain channel can be selected and its value will display with large size.

5.  it can display the weight curve and standard deviation of the first 20 capsules, as well as the weight of each capsule sampled in this batch and their mean value.

6. usb and ethernet interface with support to modbus-tcp.

7. 17 inch touch panel, 320 ° rotation, friendly interface, fast response, big memory, high reliability.

8. hmi interface: english/chinese.

9. in addition to u disk export function, also equipped with high-speed printer. so the operator can sign on the paper record for confirmation for permanent storage, which is a method of quality traceability and can not be changed.

10. due to the small range of actions such as feeding, weighing and rejection, the checkweigher is also suitable for checkweighing or sorting hollow capsules whose cap and body are not locked firmly.

model no. throughput

highest accuracy


normal accuracy


capsule checkweigher capsules/min capsules/hour
c600 600 36,000 0.5 2
c1200 1200 72,000 0.5 2
c1800 1800 108,000 0.5 2
c2400 2400 144,000 0.5 2
c3600 3600 216,000 0.5 2
c7200 7200 432,000 0.5 2