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high-speed checkweigher

high-speed checkweigher

high-speed checkweigher


    setaq high-speed checkweigher adopts the high speed checkweighing patent of setaq company, which is connected with the outlet of high-speed cartoning machine. it can check the weight of medicine packaging box online at the speed of up to 800 boxes /min, and automatically reject those unqualified medicine boxes that lack instructions, straws and blister plates. the highest accuracy can reach 0.2g.

    setaq high-speed checkweigher, also called light velocity checkweigher, can fully meet the requirements of the market's existing highest speed automatic cartoning machine. its features are as follows:

  1.  by adopting the patent of super high speed checkweighing granted by setaq company, the mechanical hardware structure can realize long-term, effective and reliable checkweighing and correct rejection. various clamping mechanisms or distribution queuing mechanisms can be added according to the site conditions.

  2. using the checkweighing control module specially designed for high-speed weighing by setaq company, the electrical control hardware can meet the needs of various harsh industrial environments. the high-speed checkweighing module, from schematic diagram, wiring diagram to circuit board, is independently and professionally designed by setaq. it is processed and produced by yamaha smt high-speed and high-precision electronic soldering production line purchased by setaq, and then goes through harsh environmental test, safety test and electromagnetic compatibility test.

  3. setaq digital weighing processing software, which has been protected by national ag尊龙凯时 copyright, is adopted. the program is developed by embedded software and computer software engineers and digital signal analysis and processing experts of setaq company. considering the complex working conditions of high-speed weighing field, it realizes reliable, high-speed, high-precision, uninterrupted continuous weighing and process control on the automatic control software.

  4. setaq staff will set the best process parameters for the machine on site according to the floor of the equipment, air flow of the air conditioner, impact and vibration of the surrounding large machines, so as to achieve the best accuracy.

structure features:

    the high-speed checkweigher is composed of a feeding belt unit, a high-speed weighing unit and a high-speed rejecting belt unit. the cartridge clamping and feeding mechanism or distributing mechanism can be installed according to the site conditions. among them, the feeding belt or cartridge clamping mechanism ensures that there is enough equal distance between products; the high-speed weighing unit adopts the setaq checkweighing patent to complete the weight signal acquisition in a high speed and reliable way, and send the weight signal to the controller for processing; after receiving the weight signal, the rejecting belt uses the high-speed cylinder to remove the unqualified products and make them leave the conveyor belt .

main parameters:

take a high-speed checkweigher (450 boxes/min) for instance:

model no. ls450
weighing range 1-60g
width of conveyor belt 160mm
product width(along the belt) ≤100mm
length(vertical to belt) ≤150mm
capacity 450 boxes/min
resolution 0.01g
highest accuracy(±3σ) ±0.2g
preset product numbers 100
total length of checkweigher 1396mm
total width of checkweigher 540mm
height of load receptor 750±50mm
rated power 0.4kw
power source 220vac
air source 1mpa,150nl/min

function features:

    ★ 10 inch industrial touch panel with english interface

    ★ the whole machine is made of stainless steel.

    ★ adopts swiss habasit weighing belt and rejection belt.

    ★ load cells are made in germany.

    ★ gates synchronous belt made in usa.

    ★ famous brand electrical switch 

    ★ the histogram shows the statistical distribution of checkweighing results.

    ★ the curve shows the time distribution of checkweighing results.

    ★ the window displays the checkweighing results, standard deviation and mean value of the last 20 packages.

    ★ several statistic methods: batch statistics, qualified statistics, total statistics

    ★ can preset 100 produts parameters

    ★ setaq high accuracy digital filtering algorithm.

    ★ dynamic zero tracking, including zero tracking when the device is running

    ★ can store 25000 items of checkweighing results. u disk storage.

light speed checkweigher