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light speed checkweigher

light speed checkweigher

light speed checkweigher


can work together with various high speed cartoning machines, packaging machines, bottle machines to automatically checkweigh products one by one.

main parameters: 

maximum checkweighing speed:1000pcs/min; 

highest accuracy:0.2g; 


checkweighing range:1-60g.

main features:

1. setaq patent high speed checkweighing structure.

2. display:17 inch industrial touch panel with friendly hmi and quick response, big memory and high reliability.

3. human machine interface language: chinese, english.

model no.

model no. throughput/pcs/min
ls250 250
ls300 300
ls350 350
ls400 400
ls500 500
ls600 600
ls800 800
ls1000 1000

light speed checkweigher