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smg/b sorting checkweigher

smg/b sorting checkweigher

smg/b sorting checkweigher

    suitable for the products which are classified according to weight, such as precious medical materials and ingredients, ordinary agriculture and forestry products, aquatic products. 

accuracy:5mg; speed:150pcs/min; grades:4-12 grades;


    ★  with many patents and high accuracy and reliability

    ★  7/10 inch lcd screen

    ★  histogram displays the statistical distribution of checkweighing results

    ★  curves display the statistical distribution of checkweighing results

    ★  the window displays the checkweighing results, standard deviation and mean value of the recent 20 /800 packages

    ★  several statistical methods: batch statistics, qualified products statistics, total statistics

    ★  100 products preset parameters can be set

    ★  self-learning function of the data filtering parameters

    ★  modern high-speed high-precision digital filtering algorithm

    ★  dynamic zero tracking during operating

    ★  supports both ac motors and dc motors

    ★  20000 items of checkweighing results storage

    ★  sets or exports checkweighing parameters for different products through usb

    ★  automatically calculate the dynamic compensation value

    ★  can display rolling curves and histograms of up to 800 packages and master the accuracy of packaging machine

modle no.  smg/bm1601830   smg/bm1602030   smg/bm1615030 
grades 3~16
weighing range(g) 0.5 ~ 30 2 ~ 100 5 ~ 1000
throughput(pcs/min) 300
accuracy(g,at 3 sigma) ±0.018g ±0.02g ±0.15g
resolution(g) 0.001

load receptor


250×100 400×160 300×240

product length×width


150×80 250×140 200×220

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