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spot checkweigher for capsules & tablets

spot checkweigher for capsules & tablets

spot checkweigher for capsules & tablets


used in capsule filling /tablet compressing workshop to automatically checkweigh capsules /tablets extracted in small batches at fixed time one by one, and to give alarms when out of tolerance according to weight range settings.

main parameters: 

weighing range:10-2000mg, highest checkweighing accuracy:0.5mg

main features:

1. no need to change the mould, suitable for polished capsules of size 000#,00#,0#,1#,2#,3#,4#,5# and longer capsules, as well as tablets of various shape and size.

2. patent slide board weighing structure is made up of 2 channels.

3. no need to disasemble when cleaning or scrubing channels.

4. disassembly of slide groove of one channel can be done in 10 seconds.

5. can shut down the malfunction channel at any time.

6. display:10 inch industrial touch panel.

7. prevents damage or heavy wear to capsule shells, lets alone capsule distortion during feeding, queuing, checkweighing.

8. equipped with micro pin printer. operators shall sign on paper record for confirmation, which is kept permanently, unalterable and traceable.

automatic feeding: if the user needs to take materials automatically, the spot check channel can be set at the material outlet of the filling machine or tablet press. the feeding port of the sampling inspection checkweigher is connected with the sampling inspection channel, and a reflux device is equipped to realize the automatic sampling inspection of materials and the alarm of out of tolerance.


model capsules tablets
throughput /pcs/min accuracy/mg throughput /pcs/min accuracy/mg
cts300 200 0.5 140 0.6
300 1.0 200 1.2

spot checkweigher for capsules & tablets