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vertical checkweigher

vertical checkweigher


    a vertical checkweigher, also called forward and reverse rotation rejection checkweigher, has only weighing belt and rejection belt without feeding belt, and its rejection belt is perpendicular with the weighing belt.

    the weighing belt is directly placed under the discharge port of the packaging machine. the weighing belt carries the packaging bag to move to the rejection belt and weighs at the same time. when the product is thrown onto the rejection belt, the weighing result has come out. the control cabinet will control the running direction of the rejection belt according to the weighing result and the weight range of qualified products. if the packaging bag is qualified, the rejection belt will rotate forward and send the product to the qualified product basket. if the quantity of the packaging bag is unqualified, the belt will be reversed to reject it to the defective basket, so as to avoid being judged as inferior medicine in the future spot check.

structure features:

    vertical checkweigher is a setaq utility model patent authorized in 2016, which has the advantages of small volume, low cost, simple structure and high reliability. setaq vertical checkweigher can dynamically online checkweigh granule packaging bags within 30g at the speed of 80 bags/min, automatically check the weight and reject the unqualified ones with the highest weight accuracy of 0.02g. the characteristics are as follows:

  1.  the main structure of the checkweigher adopts setaq utility model patent of belt forward and reverse rotation rejectrion. 

  2. adopts the high-accuracy weight checking control module developed and designed by setaq company. the module, from schematic diagram, wiring diagram to circuit board, is designed by the professional team of setaq company. it is soldered by the japanese yamaha smt production line owned by setaq company. at last, it has passed various harsh tests such as environmental test, safety test, electromagnetic compatibility test, etc., which can ensure its the long-term and effective running on the packaging site.

  3. adopts setaq professional digital weighing processing software, which can realize reliable and high-accuracy weighing and process control for complex working conditions of packaging site.

main parameters:

checkweighing range 1-60g
width of weighing and rejection belts 100-160mm
product width(along the belt) ≤100mm
length(vertical belt) ≤150mm
throughput 80 bags/min
weighing resolution 0.001g
highest accuracy ±0.02g
preset number of products 100
total length about 600mm
total width about 600mm
height 250-300mm
rated power 0.4kw
power  220vac
air source 1mpa,150nl/min

function features:

    ★ 10 inch industrial touch panel computer

    ★ the whole machine is made of stainless steel.

    ★ adopts swiss habasit weighing belt and rejection belt.

    ★ load cells are made in germany.

    ★ gates synchronous belt made in usa.

    ★ famous brand electrical switch 

    ★ the histogram shows the statistical distribution of checkweighing results.

    ★ the curve shows the time distribution of checkweighing results.

    ★ the window displays the checkweighing results, standard deviation and mean value of the last 20 packages.

    ★ several statistic methods: batch statistics, qualified statistics, total statistics

    ★ can preset 100 produts parameters

    ★ setaq high accuracy digital filtering algorithm.

    ★ dynamic zero tracking, including zero tracking when the device is running

    ★ can store 25000 items of checkweighing results. u disk storage.